Aug 11, 2010

August 2, 2010

2 years already? Wow that just flew by! The things we have done in the past two years are crazy and I can't imagine how much more more we'll do over the next 50+ years! The traveling, expanding our family, business adventures, moving...I'm sure during all this we will still be madly in love..even though it feels like we've reached our love limit. It just never stops put it cheese-ily.

We had such a great time on our 2nd anniversary. It felt like it was our birthdays because the entire day, we didn't think about money, his band...nothing except each other. That's one thing we both love to do, is make each other happy. We're always making sure we're both comfortable.

Last year was my planning and I was supposed to surprise Drew with every detail, and this year was Drew's doing. Drew made me breakfast in bed (after he let me sleep in, which we seem to be doing a lot of lately), then we headed up to Salt Lake City and shopped, literally until we dropped. Got lunch, saw a movie (dinner for schmucks.. it wasn't the greatest, I'm not recommending it..just documenting), and went to a GF chinese restaurant called Mandarin. It was amazing food. The day was perfect. Love you babe :)

OH and he made his 2nd known Capener Caboodle blog post.. monumental. Without me knowing.

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nat said...

YEAH! it sounds like a perfect day. congratulations capeners. love you two together. and love these pictures. and the shark thing... freaky!!!