Jun 24, 2010

3 Arch Bay with the Lundquists...

This is a belated post, but I thought I'd throw these up there before I can't catch up anymore....All that was missing was Linds & Drew. We're so glad Lindsay is feeling better! But it was all worth it, cuz we can't wait for another little boy to come in December.

I just left the boys on their 4-show tour.. and now I'm in the Vegas airport while they make their way over to the House of blues. I always get so sad when I leave Drew...even if we'll be apart for only 2 days. So I'm sitting here moping..wishing I'd just get back in the van with them.... But I have a wedding to photograph for this fabulous girl tomorrow, and can't wait!!!!

{man, can the las vegas airport get anymore massive? and if it's so big, why aren't there more plug outlets?}

{also, can't decide if i want to make this blog private. i don't really talk about things i feel weird about other people knowing...i mean, my life can only get so dramatic, BUT i'm having a hard time with people lately. i feel like everyone knows what's going on with my life at all times, so when i see someone (that maybe i haven't seen in a while), there is not much catching up to do... then i think, what's making it private going to do?...the people i see most is the people i'll want to have good conversations with...confused.}

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