Apr 12, 2010

How to buy a Parlor Hawk Album & Tee??

These photos above are from the Parlor Hawk CD Release show this last Saturday. The album cover is the first photo, very nice packaging. And the {unisex} t-shirts- if you need a reference, I'm wearing an X-SMALL. And they go all the up to an XL.They are American Apparel track shirts; super comphy and such a nice fit. But I wouldn't expect anything less since Drew hand-picked them himself. And designed them.

I am so happy the album is finally here. It has been a long road and it feels very rewarding that it's here and people can actually here the glory of it!

I'll keep a link to the right (if you click the photo) so you can easily access the link from there. 


Cheryl said...

Send me the details of this coming Sat. concert, I think we can make it!!! Let me know the time and is University mall in Provo? or SLC?

Melly Mel said...

This is so great Elise! I'll spread the word.