Feb 28, 2010

Opposites Attract: Part 2

{photo by him }

Drew accidentally breaks ceramics, especially ones given as gifts by some of Elise's favorite people. While Elise accidentally breaks cereal boxes & the plastic inside them.

Elise looks at domestic, cute-sie blogs, while Drew looks at fashion/design/art/music blogs.

Drew has the feet & hands of a baby, and Elise has feet & hands of an alligator (only in UT)

Elise likes doing fun things in the city, while Drew is content with just walking in the city.

Drew trusts Elise to cut his hair, while Elise doesn't trust anyone, but Laura Hendricks .

Elise spends her Sat. mornings cleaning, while Drew is at D.I. until he is satisfied with his findings.

Drew can't listen to a newly released album ten times in one day, while Elise just has to.

Elise has 10 pairs of shoes, mostly sandals, Drew has 60 pairs of shoes, mostly boots.

Drew thinks having a TV would be a distraction, Elise thinks not having a TV is an annoyance.

Elise eats her artichokes with melted butter, and Drew eats his with mayo (nasty right?)


ThE RoOkIeS said...

Ahhh I totally eat mine with Mayo! haha Darron thinks its nasty no matter what.

Elyse said...

Ha ha...wow I never realized how similar we are! Sounds like you're describing Andrew and I. Especially the blog and shoes thing. And mayo--bleh.

hearblack. said...

the photos of you guys here are great, really.
kudos to the photographer (which is probably you?)

Lara said...

I eat my artichokes with mayo. It is the only time I eat it. I don't even put it on sandwiches.

Cute blog by the way. And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog a couple posts back. I really needed it that day.

One more thing, can a couple get any cuter than you two? Don't think so. :)