Feb 19, 2010

Jessie's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago was Jessie's (Drew's sister) baby shower that I threw together. It was a success! Lots of close friends showed up. We passed a book around that the guests could right in a few words to the mom-to-be and the baby. Thanks to Emma for helping with so much of it, and letting us have it at her house, it all worked out perfectly.( i didn't get any detail shots of the desserts & decor, but we had cute pink cupcakes with hearts on top, cheesecake [gluten-free, but i didn't tell anyone], sherbet punch my mom always makes, veggies, and pink rice krispies. The party favors were magnets that I made. The guests chose their 3 favorites.)
 Jessie's mom. Even when she's talking, she is a beauty.
This was during one of our games. Emma wrote down the things Jessie said during gift opening, and repeated them back to us, pretending that's what was being said during the conception. Kinda silly but I for sure had to have Emma do that. I was too embarrassed. But all Jessie said was "Oh, Cute!"
 It was Jess' idea to have her friends & family decorate a bunch of onesies for baby scout. So we had them strung all over, and in the next room, there was a "craft" section where we sat for another hour decorating our own. It was so fun and such a clever idea. I don't think she'll be needing anymore onesies! (i had way too much dying them a few nights before)
Trevor wished so badly he could stay, but he came back when it was winding down.
Can't wait for April 10 !

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