Dec 23, 2009

Thanksgiving; San Clemente 2009

Every Thanksgiving, we go to the movies at some time during the day. Preferably Aliso Theatres (most comfortable seating). We usually try to see a Christmas film, and this year, we saw A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey. I highly NOT recommend this movie. I'm sure a lot of you have probably already seen this and could argue one way or the other, but no way man am I seeing this again. Maybe it's because I wanted a movie that wasn't so dark & dreary. I thought there would be more comedy and it would end happily...and focus on the ending because the movie is so dark. But no, it just ended. ANYWAYS, these are some instax from before the movie started.

Yes! Got a photo of Mom. That's a first.

Bree got real ugly, real fast.

Phew, she's in the back now. -This was after Thai food for Melissa's birthday.

Cute, Bree.

Packin up to see his Dad.

Before turkey dinner.

We drove down with these people, but I haven't gotten that film back yet, but once I do, I'll post from our road trip. It was too bad we couldn't spend anymore time with them in our home state, but we'll have to do that some other time...when we four actually live there :)

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Heather and Taylor said...

I loved that movie!! The meaning of the movie is what is so touching!! Bummer you didn't like it..have you seen Blind Side? You will love that one!