Dec 4, 2009

Moses with the Devil Whale; Velour; October 17, 2009

Listen to them HERE! They never not put on a good show.

I have been real terrible at uploading Moses photographs, and Teej- fellow band mate, often gives me friendly reminders to edit & upload. And I now decided that for each show, from now, will be in different duotones so I can tell different shows from the next. For any photo-gurus out there, duo-tones are really beautiful and make each photograph unique. I use duotones a lot on people, but never have I for a show. The idea came to me when I saw these from Kjersten...a photographer (and sister of him) living in Portland. She also captured it with the smoke, which usually makes me run away from the stage, but she made me think that maybe I should stick around and photograph it next time when it smokes. So thanks girl.

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