Dec 29, 2009

Here we come!

I have a wedding today AND a wedding this Saturday. Today, I will be in San Diego to photograph it and the one on Saturday, is in.... SEATTLE! I can't wait!! We've known about this trip for a while now, and have been planning to stay with two different aunts in the Seattle area. But since Drew & I really haven't been just Drew & I in what feels like MONTHS, he surprised me with a night at the Sheraton right in downtown!!!! He is the greatest and is always thinking of ways to make me fall more in love with him :) So I fly to Seattle tomorrow, where I will meet Drew at the airport, we'll rent a car, and head straight to the city. Can tomorrow come any sooner?

photo by her.
{if anyone has any recommendations for places to see, besides to obvious, or anything, comment below!}

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