Dec 10, 2009

Another 400 pages

I read another one of her AH-MAZING books! I do have to say,  I wasn't so entrenched with this book as I was with the other ones and I couldn't tell if it was because I am SO used to her style & can predict what will happen next, or because I am in up-to-my-chin with finals & reviews that I wasn't able to read it everyday. But that brings up another point. I couldn't do homework until I finished this dang book! AND I knew I couldn't read my book club book until I finished this one.

{ Books are my weakness and I can't fall into their traps during finals. But who said I was perfect? (besides Drew, come on) }

Overall, it was a great book with unexpected twists towards the end. It taught me a lot about how to one day be a parent, being a sister, and being a wife. Good reminder lessons, don't you think?

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