Jul 20, 2009

up to date

{us at bon iver}

Hi everyone that views my blog. I am terribly sorry that I neglect the internet, well not the internet because I am really on it almost 24/7, but just blogging. Sometimes I just don't want to do it. Like writing in a journal. I know everyone goes through phases. Anyways..a little update..

1. Drewbie and I leave tomorrow morning to make a drive to California and will be there until August 15ish. We are VERY excited. It's almost like we never go down there, when we really go almost every other month. 1st week will be strictly weddings and bridals for me. 2nd week will be nothing but the beach and relaxing. The 3rd week will be our 2nd honeymoon (our 1 year anniversary) and the 4th week will be hanging out with the Frame side of Drew's family down on Beach Road. Did you know that Drew grew up going to this beach house in San Clemente?? It's insane. I wonder if we ever bumped into each other or were in even at the same place at the same time without even knowing it.

2. Drew plays a show tonight, a fundraiser. It's terribly weird because EVERY show he plays, we always are going on a trip, mainly road trips the day after his show. It's really strange.

3. I am starting to really want to paint more rooms in our little home. It's killing me. Oh and I want a puppy. Two things I probably won't be able to have.

4. I may or may not want a baby.

5. Got a thing in the mail telling me my license is suspended for a month starting the 27th of July. And I got pulled over the day AFTER I got it. So I started bawling when the cop pulled me over because first, I didn't know what in the world I did wrong, and second because I had just gotten that notice. So I thought if I get a ticket now, will it be suspended for a year???? He let me off because he felt so bad for me and is going to figure out why it's suspended because from my records, it doesn't show any reason why it should be that way.

6. Love my new hair cut by Laura Hendricks, and miss her terribly.

7. Been getting sick from eating red meat. Does anyone else get sick (like indigestion & heart burn) ?

8. Happy Birthday my dearest Heather Florence!!!! Hope it was a blast!!!

9. Can't wait for finish my second roll of color film. The last time I shot color was in high school and let's just say I wasn't the best at it. So this should be interesting to see my results.

10. I am most def. over photographing Drew every day he records. I have up to day five but I just don't have the energy for it anymore. If I had my camera surgically connected to my eyeball, then maybe that would be possible. So yup.

11. If anyone wants to play while we are in California, we plan on doing a lot of it. Like Kate H. and my sisters Su and Julie, and the Dyers..(you guys still in San Diego?) and well anyone that's down there that we haven't seen in FOREVER!


Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Wow off to Cali again. Ya'll have been playing like crazy this summer. I am a bit jealous we were wanting to but then the move happened. Oh well I guess that is just life sometimes. So did Kevin say anything about your blue bedroom yet?

Heather and Taylor said...

i love you! thank you for the darling gift. i will miss you terribly. say hello to my family for me. and give the beach a hug for me. xoxo

alexismunoadyer said...

this was a lovely update! Yes we are still here! We have to go to UT for a wedding this weekend but will be back soon. Beach Day? Padres game? Lunch you and me? let me know... Um you may or may not want a baby? that is exciting! and oh yeah happy almost anniversary!! happy recording!-that is a process happy driving! xox

meeshw said...

Have a great time home. The weather is awesome...enjoy!!!

emmarae said...

hope you guys are having a good time...we wanna meet up again when you make it back to utah :)

Julie said...

I, too, have been neglecting blogs...
You're here...let's play! What day, what beach?? I'll bring Su and fam.