Jul 10, 2009

Drew's Record

Hello hello!! So I have been wanting to blog about this for quite some time now, but wanted to wait until it was in the making. My dearest is currently recording to soon produce his own record!!! This is his life's dream and it is really neat to see him actually fulfilling it. No joke. He started Tuesday officially in the studio and will keep going until it's perfected. Drew feels lucky to be able to do it first, with the help of Joshua James, an amazing musician and friend of ours, and second, to do it before school starts. He has been saving up from his shows and graphic design projects.

So this is gist of everything that's been happening and will continue:
- 16 months ago, he started recording demos, scratch tapes of the potential songs that could be on the album. That consisted of 20 songs.
-Once the songs were chosen or narrowed down for the album, then they became rearranged and really perfected. Since then, he has wrote some truly amazing songs that I can't wait for everyone to hear.
-Now they are in the studio. Joshua has hired professional, extremely passionate musicians to be on the album, like the drums, bass, pedal steel... They will finish in 2 weeks with all and each separate track from each instrument.
-It will get sent off to L.A. to get the tracks mixed together.
-Once that's done, it will be sent to get packaged (the art work and cd covers and cd cases).
-Come December, hopefully it is finished. Cross your fingers!

I am pretty sure that is everything that is going to happen. Drew is gone so when he comes home maybe he can correct some of the above information. I will keep you all updated with photos of every day he records.

Stay tuned!

(in the meantime, I will be at a wedding with Jonathan Canlas, working on photos, updating my photo blog, registering for classes, going to work, being with girlfriends, watching 2nd season of Grey's Anatomy (because I totally missed out on it!), pilates!! and the temple.)


rebecca lourie lowe said...

that is too exciting. what a fun life you two have together!

ThE RoOkIeS said...

that is so amazing! I'm so excited for the both of you! let me know when it is out so I can go buy a CD and help get ppl to know about him and his music! Its been too long since we have hung out and I think Its time we do lunch or movie night or something! Hope you really are doing well! LOve you tons!