Jun 9, 2009


{taken when we all went to the park for a picnic eating these marvelous beauties}
There are these sandwiches that have sorta been in my family, well, ever since Lindsay started making them for us ALL the time. My mom began to love them and my sister Melissa, and now I love to make them! They are so easy and the yummiest sandwiches you could ever eat. No joke. I am not much of a sandwich person and will only eat sandwiches are certain places.

1. Tina & Vinces (San Clemente, on Del Mar St. - it has the italian flag on the outside of it)
2. Quiznos- (Franchise, the Italian Sub, Regular, YUM!)
3. Kneaders- (Utah, Turkey Panini)

But above all of those, I would eat this sandwich every day if I could.

The ingredients and prices (if bought at costco):

1. Havardi Cheese: You can buy it by the slice or block. Personally, I prefer the block but to be on the cheap side, the slices will do just fine. $4.00
2. 1 Small Baguette(s): 1 baguette is perfect for 2 people with hungry bellies. Buy fresh. $2.00
3. 3 Tomatoes: $4.00
4. 1 jar of Pesto: $5.00
5. Mayo, no substitution.
6. Basil leaves: (not found at costco, look for them at health food stores like Sunflower or Trader Joes) $3.00

If you buy the baguette at Costco, it comes in pairs so make a lot and put in the fridge for a later time! It won't be fresh 3 days later, but 2 days max is still pretty good for a later lunch. 


Bryce & Nicole said...

Sounds yummy Elise. Thanks! Good seeing you at Courtney's reception

Laura Hendricks said...

i have been craving them ever since...

liz & allison said...

i am so glad you found me because i had forgotten the name of your blog! so i was just looking at your photography blog and i LOVE your new website.. it looks amazing. does your husband do a lot of websites? if this other guy that i am talking to about a website doesn't work out, do you think he would be interested in doing my pojo website? anyways, i won't be there tommorrow.. i have my zumba certification but ill be teaching all next week! have a good weekend!

Heather and Taylor said...

They remind me of your wedding! Love ya.

meeshw said...

They sound and look really good (i love harvarti cheese)...I love getting new ideas...especially easy ones like these...I am definitely going to make these...thanks!!!!

meeshw said...

oops I think I spelled the name of the cheese wrong...:)