Jun 22, 2009

Go Team GO!

So my family has all of the sudden become really into sports. Well, we have always loved sports like surfing and baseball, but not to where my parents went to every game and bought us all the gear and...etc. I do think it's really great because it keeps the kids busy but I am sorta bummed because I was always floating around every single sport there was, besides golf and tennis. I seriously was on either every sports team you could, or took private lessons for a while, until I got bored, or my mom talked me out of it. Drew & I play tennis as much as we have time for, and I LOVE IT!! I seriously am addicted. I could play it all day (unless the sun hasn't come over the mts. just yet). I am kicking myself for not even trying when I was younger or in high school, but now is my time and I am enjoying every minute. So to refuel on my lack of sports in my past, we go to my siblings meets, tournaments, practices, scrimmages, and games.. sometimes my Dad will even buy us hot dogs & chili fries!!


rebecca lourie lowe said...

fun! i know how you feel. i think i was the same way in high school -- tried everything, but never reallyyyyy got into it. steve and i discovered tennis last year and it really is the best sport to play with your spouse! i'm glad you discovered it. someday when i live in CA...i hope... we can play doubles.

Laura Hendricks said...

cute pictures elise. 3 more days!