Mar 11, 2009

..Then comes baby in a baby carriage!

Okay, so I totally put a poll up on the side of our see what other people think about us having kids (in the near future or not). Now, in no way are we basing our future off our blog poll, it's really just for curiosity.

BUT I'm so bummed that I can't tell WHO voted WHAT! So maybe, if you've already posted, put a comment on this post telling us what you put. And maybe even why you think that :) It'd be even more fun :)

love you all !



wild woods said...

And why would ya'll not have kidos? We think ya'll will be great parents and have lots of fun!

Melly Mel said...

Love it!

Julie said...

I didn't vote on your poll...but I SO think that you should have babies...soon...lots of them!

Chelsea G. said...

i didnt see that poll either.. but i think you definitely should have kids.. now! i want to see little elises and drews running around :)

Cheryl said...

I voted for now!! Elise, we would love for you to take our family pictures. Can we set up a date and place soon? I was hoping maybe March 28?

emmarae said...

i vote spend time have the REST of your life for kids!!