Mar 19, 2009

Miss you

This photo has been on my cell phone since the day it was taken.. probably early september 2008. I love it so much and finally decided to email it to me since I miss Drew so stinking much! He is in New York ( so fun for him! ) with his Graphic Design program...going to huge companies (like martha stewart & johnson & johnson, just to name a few)... for internships and such. It's so great for him and he has ALWAYS wanted to go to New York. He was this close, and I mean REAL close to see Eric Clapton, but we just can't afford it! Newlywed life is finally kickin in.

Our history of being apart...

Starting dating March 18, 2008
10 day apart before the wedding
He left March 17th, 2009 and is away for 7 days.

I'm trying so hard to keep busy and get many hours of studying (key word TRYING) and stay at the studio to earn a few extra bucks. But man is it hard. All I want to do is cuddle with him.

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Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Oh sad... if you need something to do other than homework you can come to my house!! We can have fun, play games, gossip and eat treats without Drew!!