Mar 2, 2009


Last thursday, my photo teacher, Paul Adams, told us that whoever comes back with the "craziest" story of what they did this last weekend, will get a letter grade changed on whatever photo we have so far turned in. So I got really excited, but kinda bummed he didn't mention this LAST week, when all of the sudden, we picked up & left for San Fran 6 hours before.  Anyways. I couldn't even THINK about doing anything crazy. I spent all day Saturday & Sunday laying in bed and on the couch, eating ice cream, sucking on cough drops, taking nyquil, daytime & nighttime... and basically watching the whole entire cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model (guilty pleasure). We tried getting me to the doctor Sunday morning, when I realized that I HAVE to take some serious meds if I'm going to cure this sinus infection/fever. I have never been one to take medication. Drew is all about taking advil for headaches, two or three at a time to just knick em... but nope, not me. I always suffer through it, trying to get over it myself. It bothered my mom growing up. She would try all the time to just get me to take some mild medicine. Turns out, we don't have insurance cards, because all we do when we go to the BYU clinic is give our net ID..but that doesn't work with outside clinics. So, after moping about it, we decide to go the next morning, Monday. I go around 8:30... get in by 9am, and the doctor starts to check me out. He checks out my ears, throat...everything and says I look fine, except my nose is a "little bit" congested. Are you joking??!?!?! I mean, I have been on my death bed for the past 6 days and all you say is a "little bit"? I just was blown away that he said my throat & ears were clear because those were what hurt me the most.. After realizing that this doctor is most likely legally blind, he tells me that he will prescribe me some anti-biotics for this sinus infection, but with this prescription came a 15 minute lecture of how I shouldn't take them and how I should let my body fight it off. Yeah right sir. The best part was when he said that it's becoming a "trend" around the nation to let our body become strong by not taking any meds. Psh. I really have taken no meds ever, so please can't you just not make me feel so bad by wanting to take them?  So basically, it's kinda comical for me because I finally go to the doctor and admit I need medicine, and the doctor tells me to wait for it to go away and not consider taking them. Never again will I go to any doctor. Atleast not America. Oh and I am on them now. 3 times a day for 10 days. And I am loving every pill.

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Heather and Taylor said...

hii its me..yep i got a blog! I get to see your family in two days! Your mom has been the cutest. She keeps emailing and wants everything to be so perfect this weekend. She is the greatest! Love you! xoxoxo