Feb 7, 2009

The Sunflower Market

So the new hit, local grocrey store in Utah County is called the Sunflower Market. It's basically an albertson's version of Trader Joe's. (when is say albertsons, it's not packaged like it would be trader joes, and it's not as small as trader joes usually are..more lights, higher ceilings...) Anyways, Drew had been there before to pick up some whole grain bread, and I went there for the first time yesterday to buy some produce. I was in a hurry, big time, and was frazzled as I was trying to open the plastic bag to put two tomatoes in. For some reason, I couldn't, simply, open it, either because my poor chapped hands were so cold, or I was in such a hurry I couldn't focus. So this employee with earrings everywhere on his face and spiked hair, comes over and offers help. Of course I take it and I tell him I'm kinda in a hurry because he was explaining how to open it like I was three years old. So he:

1) Licks his two fingers (thumb & middle finger) and pulls it apart.. which by the way, he demonstrated twice because I am three years old, remember?
2) He blows in the bag, as if it were a rubber glove that doctors & dentists wear...and you blow it up to look like a turkey. 

Yeah, he does that, and hands it to me as if I were to put the tomatoes in. I just about DIED. If anyone knows me in the least bit, they'd know that I stay far far away from anything nasty. Like that man and his helping skills.


ThE RoOkIeS said...

That is disgusting! Was he not thinking or what! hahah...I mean opening it with the licked fingers ( I do ) but his on yours...EWWW not to mention his moist mouth blowing his moist air into the plastic bag of where you are supposed to put your food! SICK! hahah

Liese said...

Elise! I totally go there all the time! And dont worry, I dont think its you, its seriously those bags! I have the hardest time, but only there! My goodness, its nuts! But I do like it there. They always have great deals on produce. Just a tidbit, go on Wednesdays! Its when they pretty much have a "super sale". Its the best day to get all the great stuff for a great price :)