Feb 16, 2009


So Drew and I probably played scrabble 5 times starting Valentines night through this Monday morning. We were given the game as a wedding gift recently, and couldn't wait any longer to just rip open the box and start playing!!!! I grew up on the game, and Drew definitely did not. I'm not saying he didn't do well, he just really doesn't have the passion as I do for scrabble. Saturday night and Sunday morning, he wasn't doing too hot, while I beat him many times, but this morning, he had a come back!!! Beating me twice! Wow. I just got terrible letters. But the best part was when this is how our conversation went on Sunday morning...

Drew: Man, I just have the worst letters. That's why it's taking me so long.
Elise: Don't even right now. Atleast you don't have an "X", "Y", and "D" to play with.
Drew: You have a "D" ??! I love "D"s. All you need is an "A". Dad.

If you're not laughing, it was because it was one of those you had to be there moments. We both died laughing it was so funny. He got a little flushed out, so he started saying words that would also go well with a D... "mad", "bad", "sad".

I love him. And scrabble.


T. and J. Huish said...

elise you can be in but you just have to re-post the pay it forward thing!

Courtney Calkins said...

Elise! You guys are so cute! and your blog is awesome! I just got into the whole blogging thing. you might have to come over and help me spice it up!