Feb 12, 2009

Our faves this week:

You ever just have those times when you have to listen to the same artist over and over again... just for a few days or a week at a time? Well, this is ours. Mine: Laura Marling, Drew: Wilco. You guys got any this week??


Cheryl said...

Mine: same as every week, Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana! (: That's what happens when kids take over the radio!
I meant to tell you that in our wedding DVD, we just barely got, there is the CUTEST part of Grandpa Joe dancing with you. You and Melis are in matching blue dresses. This was 1994, so you were little!

Leslie Ann said...

American Analog Set. I think it is because it has been raining non-stop this week. It just sets the mood. So glad others are the same way!