Jan 9, 2009

Fun news.

I know, it is so lame that we, or really just I, haven't posted in a while. I'm not a fan of people that have a blog, an interesting one, and decide to only post whenever...months later..and so on. I'm not going to name any names, but if you're curious, it's people like Lindsay & Su Billings that just don't! Anyways. Drew & I have been busy adjusting to new schedules and my new job! I work at BYU's Publications & Graphics. There is a good size studio with computers to work on and all kinds of equipment and magazines to get ideas with. I love it and feel really blessed to have it. I've worked there for 5 days so far, and I love it!!!! It's really relaxed and I feel I will grow a ton in my motivation for art. I also needed this job because being a newly weds and full time students, there is not so much home-making that can happen. I can't be happy staying at home and decorating or making cookies for everyone on the block. That will all happen I'm sure OUTSIDE OF PROVO! Until then, I will work and read out of my recipe books like the bible.

Here is this semester's schedule which I am really pleased with:

Book of Mormon 2
American Heritage (in salt lake of course)
ASL 102
Black & White (dark room)

Luckily this all equals to 12 credits. Otherwise I would be considered a lazy cougar.

Well, we will have to post about our new years and christmas someday soon. TGIF!

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