Jan 12, 2009

Celebrity Magnet

During our visit home in San Clemente, we took a trip over to Trader Joe's for my mom. It was so busy in there that I almost had an axiety attack!!! So anyways, we are scrambling around trying to find everything my mom needs... having to ask the employees how to pronounce fruits and where to find them..you know, the usual. I run into a high school friend, Mike Diamond when Drew comes up and and squeezes my arm so tight, I thought his finger nails were going to make me bleed! I say goodbye to Mike, and ask what is WRONG! He pulls me over to the dessert isle, where we see a designer from Extreme Home Makeover!!!! Now, I don't know his name, nor can I find him on google... or the casting..but I swear, he has been on the show more than a million times! He is the most good looking one and usually wears some kind of thermal. It just so happens that he was there, in Trader Joe's with his two kids (who he has mentioned before on the show..talking about how hard it would be for his kids if he were to get hurt, or pass away). Everyone was clueless as to who he was. Drew ran me up a different isle to show me this woman in the red. He thought it was his wife, but it totally wasn't. I just thought it was funny that I took a picture of her when she has nothing to do with this mysterious, unknown, make-over man. When we talked to the woman at the register, she said that he lives around there because his wife used to work at that same Trader Joe's. 

So, we wanted to see what kind of car he drove, so we stayed in the parking lot about 3 minutes til' he walked out. He was playing with his kids while they both sat in the cart. And come to find out, he drives an old subaru, wagon type. I don't know cars, Drew does. He had a firefighter sticker on the back which only fit his body type. That's probably his second job besides being the world's best dad and on TV every week. I say kick Ty off and have him be the host.

Then, on Christmas Day, our family went to the Aliso Theatres to see Marley & Me. It was sold out, all the shows that day, so we ended up buying tickets for Valkyre. While waiting in line to buy tickets, Drew see's Matthew Perry from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Once again, he pulled me, whispering this time, and told me to look. I couldn't believe it! I think he called him Joey from friends. Haha. Silly boy. Of course it was Chandler!! Anyways, he was in the guest services part of the theatres, looking like he was trying to get seats for a sold out movie...hm I wonder which one. He was with his wife, or a lady.. and looking real gray haired and not happy. He brought in another 6-7 people, all wearing producer looking hats... maybe famous people don't hang out with their families on holidays???


Liese said...

Elise! that is amazing! yay! glad you got to be a part of the paparazzi!

Melly Mel said...

That was fun! Chandlar was looking old and haggard but still fun to see him. I love how Blake was so excited about it.

Cheryl said...

Is it Rib? He is the cute one on that show.

Mike and Becky said...

It is Rib. He lives by us down here. I actually always sat next to him and his kids on the beach during the summer (before he was on the show). And just recently Mike and I saw him down at the beach one day and Mike pointed out that he was on tv. I was like yeah! I thought he looked familiar when he came on that show! Also... the bald guy from prison break has a condo on our street down here. I ALMOST went up to him when I first saw him to ask if I knew him when Mike pulled me back and informed me he was on tv. I am so lame sometimes! ;)