Dec 5, 2008


Sorry the video is that way... I'm not a good videographer in the least bit.

So after a few weeks of dating, I was nervous as anyone could ever be, to ask Drew if he wanted to accompany me to California for a week. I had to photograph a wedding (the same people he helped with engagements)... and he loved that idea! So off we went. I took him to 3 Arch Bay, BJs in Laguna Beach, visited my grandparents in Carlsbad, went the Billings for some good times, and we swam in the ocean!!!!!!!! I forgot what that feels like.

I knew this would happen, my parents mentioned the word marriage; THANKFULLY behind his back. Then as we were leaving to go back to Provo, my little brother blake was like "bye brother-in-law". I was mortified. But it was on the way back (in las vegas) that we started talking about the "what-ifs". :)

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