Dec 6, 2008

The Engagement; Part IV of our story.

Here are the engagements that my lovely photographer, Jonathan Canlas, took in June. He's my idol and I'm sure he knows it by now.

The one we sent out.

We wanted to send this one out, but the graffiti wasn't doing it for us. We got this framed though.

Drew needs to model for Men's Warehouse. You guys agree?

Oh boy was I rooting for this one, but I am covering his face. Can't have that happen. We got this framed too.

So Drew & I got engaged May 18th in the Provo Canyon. He picked me up (very late. like 2 hours late.) from campus, and I was so so so hungry!! We planned to go out to lunch, and he didn't say anything about food. We were driving towards the canyon, and passing restaurants, fast food places, and I am peeved. I keep looking at him, trying to hint with my eyes, and he would barely look at me. Then I started verbally describe my stomach hunger. Anyways, we pull up into the canyon, and he tells me that he wants to take me to this spot that he went to growing up to play guitar. He said it was some type of bench. We continued to drive for another 7 minutes, then we couldn't drive any further because the road was blocked. So, he said we had to get out and walk. Now, I was even more mad. It was super super humid that day, we were expecting a storm the next day, and I had uncomfortable sandals and I was just hungry!!! We walk down this ravine, and he tells me to look at this tree... and so I did.. and I see " DC+EL= Forever " carved into the tree. Once I read the last word, I had to read it twice because I was pretty sure my initials were EL. There he was, on bended knee to my right. We sat there in bliss. It was so nice, and my hunger pains went totally away!!! He then took me to Tucanos to eat the lunch I deserved. It's a Brazilian buffet, and I barely ate the salad I was so excited. We didn't really call anyone, just talked about the future with each other. It was so nice!!!! Unfortunately, we didn't take ANY pictures that day. Just our memories!

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