Dec 9, 2008

Drew, the assistant

Poor drew. He has to suffer through engagements, bridals, and weddings when I ask him to help assist me. It's hard to find people that want to assist to get experience here in Provo. In California, and high school, I had friends all the time asking to assist just so they can later be able to do it on their own also. I was an assistant for Becky Jones for a while, and finally, I was off on my own. I necessarily don't have to have an assistant, but it's kind of my security blanket...for two reasons,

a) he's my lunch date in between the temple shots and the reception
b) When I started doing commercial photography, I had friends ask me if they could assist. I saw the difference between holding my bag(s) to not at all. Or giving me the light needed. 

I see some photographers holding the reflecting with their teeth or one hand, and I feel like it's just too many ways to get distracted from composing a shot, or focusing. So anyways, Drew knew what he was signing up for when we wedded, so he can't complain too much. But I love him dearly and appreciate his willingness to come along and hold the reflector, my lenses, and camera bag, my flash, and my coat..(sometimes). :)

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Chelsea G. said...

that's so great to always have an assistant! you two are lovely and i'm glad you convinced drew that christian the lion was real! it made me cry the first time i watched it.. :) and PS if you need an assistant when drew is busy or not around, call me up i'll help you, but you'll have to teach me everything
loves you