Nov 25, 2008

Pan Seared Chicken

Anne Marie Harrell gave me this recipe book for a wedding gift and it is the best! If I cook, I cook from this book. It just has such delicious treats and meals that are healthy and are gourmet, and even look gourmet when I cook them. This book will show you all the calories in each serving and all of the nutrients you are getting. I don't know how many other cook books do this, but I think it is fabulous!  So anyways, these past 2 weeks have been real rough on Drew and I.. just trying to get through fall semester and still live an enjoyable life. And we came home that night just wanting to die, and I knew this would cheer him right up...Pan Seared Chicken. It was so fun to make, and he jumped right in to man the whole situation. I had candles sitting right by the table, so I thought, what the heck. Even though we look like we came out of a tornado and went around the world twice in a day, let's make this the least bit romantic. 

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