Nov 14, 2008


Finally we post about Halloween. We spent the evening at the James', eating a scrumptious dinner out of a pumpkin,  prepared my Emma and Jessie, and dancing in the dark while the boys played on the porch with an amp and their scary voices. The last picture shown really sums up the night. Trevor couldn't get enough of the microphone, especially when these little boys in masks came up onto the porch. Jessie & I were scared out of our minds, while Drew photographs them, and Emma takes out her video camera like it was no big deal. Joshua was too busy with the sound effects and taking the candy away from them. It was all fun and games until this little toddler came up onto their lawn, and was scared smitten of Trevor and his voice. 

Later, we nestled in on the couches with blankets, while eating the caramel apples I had made, and we started to end the night with two movies, The Lost Boys which was comical except for the parts where I got scared from my friends...not the movie. And then we watched Edward Scissor-hands. 

Oh, and we were going to dress up as Ninjas, but maybe we'll save that for next year. 

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Melly Mel said...

i'm glad you found the sticks.

wish you could update my blog.