Nov 17, 2008

Cougar Bowling Match

This was one of the first times... and I was wondering why I wasn't doing so good in the beginning. We'll that's cuz the thing weighed 3 more lbs than Drew's bowling balls, and the thumbs were way too small. So I would go to throw it, and it was stick to my thumb, and it wouldn't go very fast because it was so heavy!!!!!!!! I later switched to the orange ball.

Drew takes bowling very seriously. I mean, look at his stance. 

One away from a turkey!

Something we had yet to do with eachother was go bowling. He mentions it from time to time, but something better always come up, and we do that instead. So, one night, after a very LONG day at school, we wanted to go out and not speak one word about BYU....and only ended up on campus, to play a round of bowling. I kept warning Drew of my amazing skills at knocking the pins down, but he simply laughed, telling me of the time his mom beat his dad and how hilarious that was. I'm pretty sure that motivated me to beat him, so I could laugh about it later...

So we're playing... and I get a strike! Yah...while Drew kept getting spares and what not. Then comes my debut. Drew screams out that I am so close to getting a turkey!! I had no idea what that meant. But I was one strike away from getting it.. (if you get 3 strikes in a row, it's a turkey). Oh man. Just because he said that, I knew I wasn't going to get a turkey because I had that on the line for me. So I ended up knocking all but two down, messing up my streak. I don't like turkey that much anyways!

Well, we had a great time, even though my goal to win, wasn't accomplished. I think we were exactly 20 points apart at the final score. But there was even a discussion of starting a team. If any of ya'll want to go bowling with us, we'll take you on. Since we never got tennis rackets for a wedding gift, we'll keep it indoors with bowling.


Aubrey said...

I seriously LOVE bowling. I'm horrible, but I love it. Looks like you kids had fun. Cute pics too!

Elyse said...

Those are abnormally good bowling pics! And sorry about Sunday ps...we were at his aunt's house and dinner ran long. But we need to do something soon and I promise we won't flake! :)

Melly Mel said...

you guys are adorable. you are looking so skinny and pretty... as usual. maybe you should always go bowling.

can't wait to be up there soon with you guys.